Bella-Green 01 _ EXISTING
Bella-Green 02 - TENSIONS
Bella-Green 03  - FOREST PHASES
Bella-Green 04  - MUNICIPAL
Bella-Green 05 - MASTER
Bella-Green 06  - CAMP SITE 01
Bella-Green 07 - CAMP SITE 02
Bella-Green 08 - CAMP SITE 04
Bella-green is a conceptual project based on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, which extends the wine and food tourism industry and the notion of “living on the edge”, both synonymous with the character of this peninsula.

The initial intention is to expand tourism and accessibility to the peninsula by providing opportunities for bike riders, hikers and campers to make a range of day and night journeys. A network of path systems connect wine and food produce locations and is supported by opportune camp sites which capture key characters of the peninsula such as elevated north views of Port Philip Bay, internal bush-land settings and lake side to Connewarre.
Further investigation looks at sensitive residential development which explores the notion of “living on the edge”. Like the Green Coast project, the forest edge is considered a highly valued place to live. Along with the diverse peninsula coast lines, there becomes a wide range of edge living opportunities.

The outcome, conservation and celebration of local character, support of passive recreation and an exciting opportunity for controlled urban densification based around a rich local and peninsula specific lifestyle.