The central axis arbour is the catalyst to this project. The timber structure is aesthetically strengthened with the architecture's colour theme, columnar apples, jasmin creeper and night lighting. As a built form it articulates the primary entrance whilst extending the architecture and alluring users into the garden. Along with two pergolas and Brachychiton Flame tree the winter structure is created in this engaging seasonal garden.
Grovedale 01
Grovedale 02
Grovedale 03
Grovedale 04
Grovedale 05
Grovedale 06
Request for a formal styled front garden to compliment the recently extended and renovated period home.
The extension part of this project is a contemporary wing to the north of the old building. It performs as the new arrival
entrance with notorious ambiguity to visitors.
The key requests were to
articulate the new arrival space for visitors, to make an inviting link into the garden and to be an engaging space for the extended family.