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Green Coast is an urban conceptual project set in Albertslund, Denmark. Located on a junction between two of the fingers of the Copenhagen city plan this project explores the integration of existing forest and potential housing into a dying industrial neighbourhood.

The core approach is based on considering that a forest can be seen to have similar characteristics and engaging qualities as a coast line for residents. Surrounding forest is encouraged to enter the site with specific parameters which optimise potential for "green coast" edge. Densities of housing increase vertically as the building layer moves from the green coast towards the new city centre and mobility hub of Albertslund. This approach provides a splayed and wider panoramic view for more residents to enjoy.

The outcome is ultimately reappropriation of a dying industrial legacy. At regional scale, population increase and protection of the existing "green" element is the priority. At municipal scale the town proper is supported by the population increase effectively strengthening local economy and encouraging infrastructure ugrades and development. At local scale a wide variety of living and lifestyles opportunities are offered which  encourage health through engagement with nature spaces.