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Modernize the traditional look and feel of the home from the street.
Compliment the contemporary renovation choices made to the rear of the home.
Express the unique personalities and lifestyles of the couple through the landscape.
A distinct project evolved from creative and open minded individuals.
diverse pallet of materials and plants which provide rich aesthetic appeal.
Engaging and enabling the users
dining, entertainment, relaxation and production gardening, all
intimately connected to the living quarters and gardening facilities.
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Highton 06
"Building a home in a new estate meant starting a garden from scratch
with only vague ideas on how we wanted to live in the space
and with a limited budget.

Brendan interpreted our ramblings and extended them
with a design that is not only beautiful but is also functional,
adding design features that are still revealing themselves years later."

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Queens Park 06
To make a purposeful and engaging connection between the upper entertainment deck landing and the lower in-ground pool and surrounds. Incorporate strong architectural elements, including plant selection, to compliment the contemporary designer home. Fruiting trees and a herb garden on the upper level to harvest. Screening of neighbours and preservation of spectacular views over Geelong.
A clean minimalistic design with clearly defined spaces reflect and extend the architecture into the landscape. Quality materials and craftsmanship compliment a well resolved project. An overlapping of hard and soft surfacing support the extended family to play and come together in each space.
A young family with an architecturally designed home require a landscaped space which is playful, flexible, interesting and complimenting to architecture and family lifestyle. The material and plant pallet should be relatively low maintenance, children and pet friendly. An area for food production to engage the family in growing and harvesting together.
A fun play with materials creates a tapestry of overlapping spaces and activity opportunities. Where the synthetic turf play area and paved bbq area come together a hidden checker board is revealed when the scaled pieces are brought out. Counterbalancing the inanimate floor coverings is a dramatic seasonal back drop of Lily pilly's, grape vines overhead and a central time piece, the Forest pansy.
all year round space which allows and engages versatility with seasonal experience and ongoing family growth.
This 1970's designer home requires de-cluttering and a facelift with focused attention on upgrade of the inground concrete pool itself and surrounds.
To make
connections between the indoors, outdoors and in turn with the pool enclosure should re-invigorate enthusiasm and invite family and friends to make the most of this private space. 
An open free flowing series of inviting spaces. The bluestone pavement connects aesthetically with the house trims and is a choice reflective of the architectures period yet contemporary in its format. Timber decking also makes connection by mimicking the internal floor boards and external eaves. The glass pool fence allows the user to absorb the entire space at once giving a sense of openness.