Paisley Park is a conceptual forecourt proposal for a Glenn Murcutt designed mosque to be built in Newport, Melbourne.

The core intention is to invite, welcome and bring together a diverse community through a multi-programmed social hub.

As well as performing as a forecourt and meeting place for the Muslim community this space works as a public park in a facilitating a wider spectrum of users. A few key features are the strategically positioned skate park, barbecues and sheltered areas, miniature train ride and multi-levelled lawn platforms for a variety of activities and gatherings.

The delicate overlay of a religious place of practice with wider community play and gathering space is in the designed elements of the forecourt. Considerate of Islamic beliefs, reflection ponds, holy numerics and colours respectfully extend the spiritual element throughout the forecourt and into the wider communities subtly or investigative consciousness.

Paisley Park 01
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