A family involved passionately in the design process and outcome. This garden is filled with opportune moments and flexible use of space.
The key built component, a partly demolished and re-appointed brick garage, retains
traces of the past whilst providing a private and cosy alfresco area. A large flowing lawn meanders throughout the garden emphasizing the existing natural ground. Series of inconspicuous paths through the garden create circuits for children to play. Key plants, the Liquidambar and Hybrid Strawberry Tree create winter structure and interest to compliment colourful perennial gardens.
Geelong West 01_BEFORE
Geelong West 02_DURING
Geelong West 03
Geelong West 04
Geelong West 05
Geelong West 06
To create a landscape which is considerate of the family's history with this iconic architectural home.
One which celebrates a strong sense of
seasonal change and colour.
One which is
flexible, diverse and supporting of a young family's growth.
Easy off street parking, interesting children's
play areas and exciting outdoor entertaining opportunities underlie the design objective.
"Going through the design process with Brendan was an amazing experience.

He helped us visualise what our outside space could become
and truly considered our circumstances and tastes in the design process.

I'm thrilled that he succeeded in convincincing us to invest the time
in the front end of this process, without this we would not
be sitting in our dream garden."