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Laurel Bank
Re-invention of an uninviting backyard. We worked tirelessly to find a resolve where all spaces work together and the experience of being in each space is desirable.
spa is elevated to relieve some of the  overbearing surrounds but also to be visible from within the home, to allow ease of access and to feel apart of the lower bbq area. Laden with fruits and herbs the lower space supports outdoor dining and entertainment. A one metre wide path wraps around the spa allowing unrestricted access to the side and front of the property.
Transform the underutilised back yard space into a functional and exciting lifestyle extension. An entertaining spa will be the focal point requiring smooth access from the indoors and to a hard surfaced bbq area. This project is challenging in number of ways vertically, horizontally and legally. Not only is the space only 4m wide with an awkward downward slope it is surrounded by overbearing 2 and 3 story buildings and vegetation. To add to this the property is in a heritage overlay zone and will require building permits for the spa, raised deck and architectural modifications.
An aesthetic space which reflects the architecture blurring the line between indoors and outdoors.
Play with geometrical shapes through the raised deck, garden beds and pixelated meeting of sandstone and synthetic turf
create interest on the ground and a sense that the space is larger than it actually is. The planting scheme is made up of edible plants. A chocolate vine, espalier pear, Bellarina apples, plums and a passionfruit vine screen the boundary walls. Thyme haphazardly spills over the garden edge. Rosemary bushes define the edge of the raised deck. Maintenance of this project is a rewarding engagement with essentially some pruning and harvesting which ends up straight onto the bbq or
into the kitchen.
To refresh the backyard, to make it more inviting, engaging and interesting for relaxing and entertaining.