Bambini Childcare - Brighton East




Early Years / Childcare


1000m2 (2 Story) 


$450 p/m2



The brief for the outdoor play and learning spaces was a quite simple really, many activities. Physical elements to burn energy and develop motor skills, nature based activities to make, create, cubby, nooks and crannies to explore, gather and play. Many prescribed and open space learning opportunities. Minimal maintenance, no lawn or mud patches.Having completed a similar project for the client previously we aimed to provide a consistency in ‘look and feel’ with a subtle change of colour 


Our approach to design generally revolves around consideration of context and existing conditions, connection to architecture, and creative provision of the client brief/users needs. In reference to the highly modern and strong charactered building, we borrowed the 3D geometry and materiality, translated it into the landscape, to make good physical connection and to create seamless interface from inside to out. With these geometric design guidelines in place we are able to consider the functions of the outdoor rooms, there interfaces with each other and finally to zoom in and micro design at child scale. Our key to designing great children’s spaces is recognising when to be the pragmatic ‘adult designer’ and when to embody the psyche of child within. The act of design can become sophisticated and playful at the same time. 

New Build



Shop 4, 72 The Terrace

Ocean Grove, VIC, 3226

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