B L U E Landscape Architects was established in 2012 and is based in Ocean Grove, Victoria Australia.


Specialising in residential and commercial landscape design, B L U E Landscape Architects offer personalised service and a unique tailored design response to each project brief. 


‘Considering landscapes are living complexities of which we are a part, we value the underlying story of site, local character and user needs in creating unique and considered environments which offer ongoing support and benefits.'

  • Creating harmonious spaces for people to develop into meaningful places

  • Connection and extension to existing environments and conditions 

  • Intuitive approach and attention to appropriate scale and spatial qualities

  • Mixed media exploration and concept development  

  • Collaboration with clients and wider professionals

  • Finely resolved and unique spaces 

  • Providing ongoing support and ownership for users.



the team


Principal Director

Owner of B L U E Landscape Architects, Brendan has an RMIT Bachelor of Design and Master of Landscape Architecture including two extended exchanges to The Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Denmark) and ENSP Versailles (France). Prior to starting B L U E, Brendan worked for 17 years in the construction industry including 10 years in landscape construction of which 6 years he ran Bim's Landscapes. 




Our resident Horticulturist Carla, has been with us for over 2 years and is responsible for the in depth plant knowledge within our projects. She worked in landscape construction for two years prior to completing a Certificate III in Horticulture at The Gordon TAFE Institute. Carla also has 4 years experience working in the retail nursery sector, two of which were in nursery management.



Architecture Student

Ben has recently joined our team this year. With a Bachelor of Design (Architecture) + Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours) he is currently completing his Master of Architecture at Deakin University. Ben has worked with a number of local architecture firms and has developed a range of experience in this industry from drafting to estimating and construction management.

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Architecture Student

Justin has been an integral part of the team since February 2018, whilst also currently completing his Master of Architecture at Deakin. After obtaining a Certificate II in Construction and Advanced Diploma of Building Design at The Gordon TAFE Institute, Justin went on to complete a Bachelor of Architecture at Deakin University and aims to graduate his Masters by the end of 2021.


  • Master Planning 

  • Educational | Institutional | Playspaces

  • Residential | Pool scapes

  • Public Space

  • Commercial open space

  • Rooftop Design 


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Registration #6479

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awards &


AILDM 2020 Nelson Park, 'Landscape Design (Educational/Insititutional/Playspace)


AILDM 2020 Kingston Park, 'Landscape Design Finalists

AILDM 2019 Nelson Park Project, 'Landscape Design (Educational/Insititutional/Playspace)

Silver Award

AILDM 2019 Kensington Project, 'Landscape Design (Educational/Insititutional/Playspace)

Gold Award

AILDM 2017 Bluff Road Project, 'Landscape Design Playspace Gold Award'

AILDM 2017 Darley Hub Project, 'Landscape Design Playspace Gold Award'


AILDM 2017 Darley Hub Project, 'Landscape Design Playspace Best in Category Award'

AILDM 2017 Archer Way Project, 'Landscape Design (Educational/Insititutional/Playspace)

Gold Award