Why should I use a landscape architect ?

​Qualified and nationally accredited landscape architects holding diplomas, degrees, masters or phd's have been formally trained in a wide range of landscape related fields, often with specialist knowledge in particular areas. This equivocates to a minimum of 4 years full time schooling, exploring, researching, designing and presentation of a wide variety of landscape related components including geology and hydrology systems, horticulture, art, landscape and architecural history, social theatre, and of course design theory, approach and application.

Engaging an accredited B L U E landscape architect means you are getting the most holistic and qualified approach to realising the vision and potential of your project. We are constantly shifting our attention between social, economic, cultural, political, and environmental considerations within each project individual project. Please see our Profile page for specific qualifications of B L U E Landscape Architects

Why should I get my landscape project designed and planned ? 

Landscape designing and planning is not a finite outcome which simply needs to be built as it has been drawn. There are many elements which can influence the need for change once construction begins and sometimes long after. This is a common occurrence when working with nature and living things.Engaging with the B L U E design process encourages client and designer collaboration in articulating the project vision, exploration of fresh ideas, use of conventional strategies as well as working within constraints creatively. Once the potential of your project is revealed and planning has been produced, we have a clear point of departure for your project to be built and to come alive. More developed concepts are the result of a layered design approach in producing a landscape plan document, which provides a number of benefits:

  • Permits: If building or planning permits are required providing conventional and clearly articulated documents make this process easier.

  • Quoting: Providing a clearly articulated document means ease of quoting for contractors and comparison of quotes for the project manager.

  • Financial & Creative Sense: It makes financial and creative sense to investigate, research and explore opportunities before putting a shovel into the ground. Through a layered process we can flesh out ideas and research opportunities, test against budget considerations and move confidently and transparently towards creating a unique and appropriate outcome for your project. 

  • Reveal Constraints: The layered process approach can reveal obstacles or constraints, previously gone unnoticed, which can be addressed before construction begins.

  • Peace of mind: Providing a clearly articulated document means when the time comes for construction interpretation or translation is kept to a minimum, ensuring the developed vision between client and designer is realised on the ground.

  • Staging: Landscape designing allows us to consider, test and make decisions on all aspects which are important to your project. With a holistic understanding of the projects requirements staging of works can be undertaken with confidence that cohesion and efficiency is kept within the greater project.

How long does the design process take ?

The design process itself varies according to each project. A typical residential single block scenario generally demands 20-40hrs of designer based work. There are however a few variables beyond the control of the designer alone which need to be considered when answering this question more comprehensively.

  • Process Paced: Throughout the design stages the momentum shifts between client and designer as elements are absorbed, reflected and responded to. Drawings are handed back and forth for consideration and feedback. Effectively the time frame of the design process is jointly designer and client paced according to workload, efficiency of hand overs and aligning schedules.

  • Council Paced: Some projects may require planning or building permits which can take many months to acquire through council or private consultancy.

How much does a landscape design cost ? 

As each design process varies according to the project requirements, so too does the financial investment.
Contact our office for a meeting and tailored quote to meet your project needs.

Again as each project has specific requirements the drawing set and service is tailored to suit the project's needs.

  • Landscape Plan: A typical residential single block scenario generally requires a Landscape plan to appropriate scale, plant schedule, material legend, and accompanying design notes to articulate specific construction conditions. B L U E Landscape Architects also prepare a portfolio of the design journey including plant culture information reflective of the specific plant pallet to assist in understanding and maintaining your garden.

  • Technical Drawings: When necessary BLUE Landscape Architects provide technical drawing sets including sections, elevations, construction details and 3D renders to satisfy a range of requirements. These drawing services are outside of the base Landscape Plan set detailed above and will be quoted accordingly for approval and commencement of these extended services.

  • Permits: Some landscape projects trigger and require planning or building permits. Again being outside of the base Landscape Plan set detailed above BLUE Landscape Architects will provide a complete quotation to acquire necessary permits including required drawing sets, applications, correspondence and consultation with council and/or private surveyors.

What do I get for my money ?

Do B L U E Landscape Architects offer construction services? 

No. However B L U E Landscape Architects work intimately with and have ongoing longterm relations with a range of preferred landscape contractors. 
Depending on how you have come in contact with us we can often refer appropriate contractors to quote and construct your project according to locale, lead time and scale/scope of works required. As an extended service we also provide a range of project management packages to ensure that the rapport and vision developed throughout the design process continues, ensuring your project is realised and articulated on the ground.